We offer

We sell greasy wool, not scoured wool (wool without the side parts – legs, belly, chestnuts, head ). Next we sell scoured wool, tops, opentops, carded slivers and noils.

We sell European merino wools, which come from Hungary and Russia and middle and coarse wools from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.

We offer greasy wool, scoured wool, tops, opentops and noils from Australian wools.

We deliver wool sorted as follows:

  1. fine merino wools from 17 microns to 24 microns
  2. middle wools crossbred from 24 microns to 28 microns
  3. coarse wools from 28 microns to 40 microns

We also deliver wools at lengths in millimeters:

  1. wool for combing – length from 70 mm to 110 mm
  2. wool for carding - length from 45 mm to 70 mm


For information on sale please go to Sale conditions page.

Sheep with merino wool Sheep with crossbred wool
Sheep with coarse wool
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